Chris Collins Has A Plan to Help Western New York

Help small businesses create jobs

Chris Collins understands how to create jobs, because he’s created hundreds of jobs during his 30 years as a small businessman. In Congress, he’ll put that experience to work for us, helping create the jobs our families need.

Lower Gas Prices

Skyrocketing gas prices are crushing working families. Chris Collins will lead the fight to enact an energy policy that expands drilling, and ends regulations that make our gas prices unaffordable.

Repeal ObamaCare

President Obama’s healthcare plan is a failure. It raises taxes, increases the debt, and cuts $500 billion from Medicare. In Congress, Chris Collins will lead the fight to repeal ObamaCare and implement healthcare reforms that make sense, like patient choice and tort reform.

Cut the deficit and reduce spending

Chris Collins knows a thing or two about cutting government. As Erie County Executive, he reduced the county’s debt by more than $120 million and kept spending increases to practically zero. In Washington, Chris will stand up to Obama’s reckless policies and help get spending under control.

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